Steps to Repair Corrupt Backup Files!

You can easily repair corrupt MS backup using BKF Repair Software, which successfully support to repair corrupt bkf backup and quickly perform corrupt backup repair process in just few simple steps. Here are the detailed steps to repair corrupt backup files.

(STEP - 1)

Go to Start » Programs » BKF Repair. Open BKF Repair, start-up screen appear as follows:

Corrupt Backup Repair

(STEP - 2)

Now, click on "Scan BKF" to see all the options available like "Quick Scan", "Deep scan" and "Range based scan". You can also browse the location of BKF file for its recovery.

Corrupt Backup


Quick Scan: It does scan the corrupt BKF in 1 phase to quickly recover BKF data. Please click on Quick Scan button for fast recovery.

Deep Scan: It does scan the corrupt BKF file in 2 phases which is unique in the industry allows better rate of recovery for a corrupt BKF file. Click on Deep Scan button for in-depth recovery.

Range Based Scan: Recovery of a large BKF file for particular range is possible to repair so that you can recover BKF file even from sever corruption in lesser time consumption.

Note: We recommend you to please perform Deep Scan on your severely corrupt BKF file. In such cases, Quick Scan does not get 100% data back.

(STEP - 3)

Browse the corrupt BKF file you want to repair and the folloing screen appears from where click to open to load the BKF file.

(STEP - 4)

Once you load the file, folliwng screen appears and you can select the appropriate options from any of the three choices available and click on button to start "scan" BKF file.

(STEP - 5)

As the scanning proceed, the following box appears which shows you the following options and status pf BKF file recovery.

(STEP - 6)

Once the scanning finishes, you can eapnd the recoevr file in left pane and preview it in right pane. Also, right click on any single file to extract or preview each file separately.

(STEP - 7)

To extract the complete BKF file after its recovery, click on Extract button in top menu bar and following screen pop up, from where you can browse the file saving location and select preffred extraction mode.

Extract at Original Location:
In order to save the file to its original location opt for the mode to extract at original location

Extract at Selected Location: Choose the desirable location to save the file after extraction of corryupt BKF file and click extract.

(STEP - 8)

Once the extraction finishes, the following message appears with recovered BKF file path showing both dat and time of file creation.

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Grab the chance to know how to repair corrupt BKF file. The demo will showcase the step by step process to repair BKF file but will only preview the recovery process. To overcome this limitaion for the recovery, opt for full version paying $89 for personal user license and $180 for business license.